F. Scott Fitzgerald famously once said that there are no second acts in American life, but in the case of dubious street food and Ghostwheel, he got it a little wrong.

Ghosatwheel was founded by Ian Lynch Smith the former founder of Freeverse, a beloved maker of apps and games for Apple platforms. Freeverse grew to a team of 30 developers based in Brooklyn, before it was acquired by ngmoco/DeNA. Along the way it garnered multiple Apple Design Awards, had numerous App Store hits, and software bundled on all Macs. These included games such as Flick Fishing, Wingnuts, Skee-Ball, the Burning Monkey and Big Bang series, as well as published applications such as Lineform, Sound Studio and Comic Life. Ian is joined by Mark Andersson and Kevin O’Neil, veterans in the field of mobile development.

We’re going to create cool stuff. Some of it we hope will make money. Some of it, we know, won’t make a dime. We’re still going to make those things anyway. 

Ian Lynch Smith • Mark Andersson • Kevin O'Neil • Colin Lynch Smith (Elder of the Gentle Race)

Steve Jobs demoing the Freeverse app Motochaser, from the Freeverse scrapbook.